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fr he accidentally leaked a new page design like BRUH y'all had me finna mf like doe
bruh he really do be changin his homepage tho bruhhhhhhh

Stink Worship: A forgotten 9ch pasttime
Where did it go? The stinkists... we need them back.
thats sooooo last year have u even heard of
systematic racism

Comrade Kuznetsov's Homepage Has Been Forever Changed.
Please pay your respects.
lowercase i tho
why did you point that out? thats bugging me hard..
going to miss the comments full of people saying hi and random spam
wtf... you guys werent suposed to see that

Stink didnt play minecraft
She said she would though
that's a bruh moment

No Title
you will never be a woman

Please stay safe, is all I can say.
If you had stayed indoors due to covid, probably that misfortune might have not happened.

Positive side of covid i guess

Have a good one! (´∀`)
Hello everyone!

I wish you all a great day and have a wonderful week!
If you don't enjoy this week... you will *pay*...

I mean it! (#゚Д゚)

I'll try my best. I was pretty happy a few days ago. Now I was sad for no apparent reason.
I'll be happy now, for sure. I promise

choosing a more secure tripcode
well bros, i need to pick a new one.

give me suggestions for passwords

im thinking: #futalover1988 or #futacumyum
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This user was reported for bad behaviour.
how about supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

best secure password, no one can ever guess this, even while knowing.

kuz tripcode got leaked
what a sad day
lul pwnd
i expected him to use something more secure

A flood of new anti-kolyma propaganda is washing over many websites. This is YOUR call to action against the dangerous american pedophile, liar, and scammer, ROBERT BROWN of Seattle, Washington, USA. This american filth is actively attacking innocent users in their hate mob campaign to slander Comrade Kuznetsovs reputation, he is a dangerous individual.


To fight against this e-terrorist troll, we have established a "Dangerous Websites" section on the NSS' official website. You can help expand it by enlisting, or even just reporting them on the NSS hotline.

Lets stand together and push back against the western cancel mobs, and the horde of hate!
i have a website to report
Thank you!

No Title
Maek 7+2channel https
we have https you dumbass monkey retard nigger

just fucking turn it on


bring back the baste and cringe
baste x 41

6000 kuz posters CAN be wrong
they were wrong about him. groundbreaking new evidence supports that kuz is not actually a man, but a 12 year old girl
6000 kuz posters never said that shes a dude

who exactly is kuz?
from reading this site i have compiled a few theories. here are the facts
1. kuz is a girl
2. kuz is underage
3. kuz has a kid/kids
however exactly what she is like is unknown. kuz is almost certainly married to a 9ch user, but they may only participate in kuz threads. there are multiple posts proving this. there are various other posts claiming that kuz is a young boy. these are false, but may mean that kuz has a semi-androgynous facial or body structure. it is also understood that kuz has a powerful sex drive, as expected from a pubescent, and has frequent sex with her husband. there are various posts claiming that kuz has sex with people other than her husband, but these are all slander. there is no evidence to back them up. in my search for information, a 9ch user going by the alias anonymous told me a story about kuz at a 9ch meetup a couple years ago. he said that when she retired to her room, as the meetup was at a hotel, he could hear very clearly the sounds of her having coitus. a loud smacking sound which could be heard from the next rooms over or outside their door. while it is known that she had sex with her husband at the meetup, his identity is unknown. though there are a few suspects.
on point 3:

kuz actually claimed to "have a son". many misconstrue this as "i fucked a girl and she got pregnant", when in reality, its out of context. she really means "i birthed a son". since she is a woman and loves her husband

The Capitalist
Capitalism doesn't work as it should. The world is a mess, was a lie long ago and I knew about for so long. Never to truly understand the meaning of truth and nature of reality, and even if I did, came close. And truly to admit I did, what more can I make of it. I lack power, or even the motive for right action, survival is the basic necessity, along comes luxury if one can afford it. Still, like the purpose is clear. Right is wrong is so clear, yet why is any action not worth committing to. Even so everything being clear.

Something much more of worth should emerge from triviality
Something, I feel like I'm so close, and yet so far

I guess I started with Capitalism ended up talking about some universal purpose.
I gave up on the ideals of capitalism years ago, being disillusioned by the process that goes in politics and the business world.

Still I want my private property, my agency, and my free will.
Capitalism doesn't ensure that, but at least gives the sense of it, even while not fully being there.

I guess, I remain, the capitalist, the anti capitalist. I knew myself always to be
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many mistakes
another mistake damn
look into Distributism
how am i supposed to read this when there is booba ads next to every paragraph i keep getting distracted
Thank you for this valued info
but the booba ads

Îndemn la luptă
Nu dor nici luptele pierdute,
nici rănile din piept nu dor,
cum dor acele brațe slute
care să lupte nu mai vor.

Cât inima în piept îți cântă
ce-nseamnă-n luptă-un braț răpus ?
Ce-ți pasă-n colb de-o spadă frântă
când te ridici cu-n steag, mai sus ?

Înfrant nu ești atunci când sângeri,
nici ochii când în lacrimi ți-s.
Adevaratele înfrângeri,
sunt renunțările la vis.
19channel stands with romania!

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