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Nanochan captcha

So, you want to post CP and scat on nanochan but you're too brainlet to figure out the math captcha? No problem! Here's how you do it. (・∀・)

Step 1: Take this code, save it as a .c file on your Linux machine and compile it using gcc (・∀・):
int main(int argc,char *argv[]) {
char buffer[9] = "\0";
int one = 0;
int two = 0;
int three = 0;
int four = 0;
one = buffer[0] - '0';
two = buffer[3]-'0';
three = buffer[5]-'0';
four = buffer[8]-'0';
int one_a = 0;
int three_a = 0;
one_a = one*two;
three_a = three*four;

Here's how: https://www.wikihow.com/Compile-a-C-Program-Using-the-GNU-Compiler-(GCC) (・∀・)

Step 2: Input the captcha and use the program you just compiled. Always ignore the first part of the captcha, the "d/dx" or "c/dx" or whatever. It's total bullshit. In the OP pic example, just take 6x^7+2x^5 and execute ./nano 6x^7+2x^5. (assuming you compiled it with the name "nano". (・∀・)

Boom, it will output the answer and you can just copy and paste it. Done! Have fun. (´ー`)

This match captcha ironically is way easier to abuse and spam the shit out of the site than a normal alphanumerical captcha. ( ´ω`)
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